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Clinic Policies

The family doctors and staff of Guisachan Family Medicine have established the following policies

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

Patient Code of Conduct

Guisachan Family Medicine prides itself on providing a professional environment.  To assist in that endeavor, we ask that staff, doctors, and patients follow this Code of Conduct.

  • Mutual respect

    • The Physicians, Nurses and Staff of Guisachan Family Medicine respect the time, rights, and privacy of its patients.  We request that patients recognize and respect the time, rights and privacy of our doctors and staff.

  •  On time appointments

    • In general, the Physicians, Nurses and Staff of Guisachan Family Medicine strive to see patients on time.  To help ensure this policy can be true for all patients, patients, staff and doctors are requested to be on time and ready for appointments.

  • Harassment Free Environment

    • Guisachan Family Medicine provides a harassment free environment for its patients and staff.  Absolutely no behavior considered harassment will be tolerated in the clinic by anyone.  This includes, but is not limited to, offensive jokes, signs, words, cartoons, pictures, posters, email, jokes or statements, pranks, intimidation, physical assaults or contact, violence, or sexual assault.

  • Missed Appointment Fees

    • Guisachan Family Medicine requires 24 hours advance notice for all appointment cancellations.  We will bill you for missed appointments.  Our fee is $50.00 for the first missed appointment and $75.00 for all subsequent missed appointments.  New patients who miss their first appointment will not be rescheduled at our clinic


We get asked to fill out forms or provide letters for patients every day.  Third parties such as insurers, employers, educational institutions and governmental agencies direct our patients to have us complete forms on their behalf.  Some forms are many pages long and almost all of them are marked "urgent".  We value our roles as trusted partners in your care and we understand our responsibilities in communicating with third parties on your behalf.  However, the requests for forms are often overwhelming.  Processing, completing and delivering forms distracts us and our staff from attending to your medical needs. 

As a result we have decided to adopt the fees recommended by the Doctors of British Columbia for non insured services.  These fees are not covered by the Medical Services Plan.  A guide to these fees can be found here.  Here are some tips on making the process quicker and easier.

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