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Making the most of your MOST: advanced care planning and Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment

Sadly, there comes a time for all of us when serious illness or injuries affect our lifespan. These moments may come as expected after a long illness, or suddenly and without warning. Sometimes intense medical treatments alter the course and sometimes they don't. Choices about the type of treatment that you might choose to receive at times like these are affected by one's experience, family, religion and other factors that are unique to you. Complex decisions about what type of care you might want, when made at the time of a health crisis, can be emotionally challenging and confusing for you and for your loved ones. That is why it is important to talk to us now, when you are healthy, well and unhurried, about what you would want done in the event of a health crisis or major illness.

Together we can record your wishes by completing a form called the MOST form, or Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment. When we complete this form, we share your wishes with the Health Authority so that anyone who takes care of you within our system will be aware of our discussion and your wishes. If you change your mind about any of the decisions that we make together you can update the form at any time and it can be updated with any doctor who becomes most responsible for your care in the hospital.

In the video below, Dr. de Haas discusses the MOST form and encourages you to help us “write your prescription” for the type of care that you would want to receive if you needed medical treatment to prolong your life. Dr. de Haas also answers some common questions related to advanced care planning.

You may be reading this because we have suggested completing a MOST form. We hope that these resources will be helpful as you share your wishes about your care.


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